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How to install phonetics for Russian?

    This is the scheme of the phonetics for Russian. It will be useful for you if the keyboard of the computer you are writing on doesn't have the Cyrillic letters written on the keys according to the Russian state standard (ГОСТ). That might happen to you if you are abroad or if you have a laptop bought somewhere else but not in Russia.

Installation of this phonetic layout

    To learn this keyboard, you'll have to notice the graphic resemblance of the Cyrillic letters Ш, Ч and Ж and the Latin W, q and X. The letters Ь and Ъ accord with the symbols ' and ".With the other letters it is sought a phonetic resemblance, except for these, which are positioned on symbols (these are Э and the bilingual Ё, Ю, Я and Щ).

    Click here in order to install this keyboard layout on Windows XP or Windows Vista.

    Фонетична подредба за немски клавиатури: QWERTZ
    Фонетична подредба за френски клавиатури: AZERTY
    Фонетична подредба за украински език.
    Фонетична подредба за български език.

    Ако искате за по-лесно да сменяте езиците с Control + Shift вместо с Left Alt + Shift или ако трябва да активирате вече инсталирана клавиатура, то щракнете тук.
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