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     Technical problems often arise during the use of non-English alphabets. This site is created to help out in the overcoming of such problems.

     Methodius.org is part of the Unified Solution to the Problems of the Cyrillic Alphabet project. This project is financed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria and its purpose is to facilitate the usage of the Bulgarian language in Internet communications and to assist in the solving of technical problems, arising during the utilization of some electronic technologies.

     Another part of this project is the Initiative for the introduction of transliteration and phonetic keyboard standards. One of the best achievements of this initiative is BDS 5237 2006. This is the new Bulgarian standard for "Keyboard layouts for Bulgarian language writing devices."

     Meet the Initiative.

Another activity of this site is that it has also assumed the creation and maintenance of some
     Unicode related standards

What else can you find here?

    If you don't have the Cyrillic alphabet and want to visit a Bulgarian or a Russian site, we can help. Come here, press the Translate button and write the desired address. The page will appear written in Metodiev's alphabet (not very easy to read, but better than the gibberish, which you could look at otherwise).
    At Translate you can also convert a text from the Cyrillic to the Metodievs alphabet and vice versa. This will help your correspondence. If you want to use this option even when not on the Internet, go to Download and get the Strawberry Translator program. To find how does the translation from the Cyrillic to the Metodievs Alphabet work, read the instructions for this program (it also contains the article written on this topic in issue 6/2001 of PC Magazine Bulgaria).
    As we said, we would like to rescue you from informational starvation and for this purpose we have created a unique chat. This is the first place where two people can talk, the first one can write and read in the Cyrillic alphabet, and the second - in the Metodievs Alphabet. How does this happen? The answer is simple - automatic translation.
    Maybe you want to make new friends on the Internet. Then log into our database. Go to People.
    Here you will find one more interesting place. This is our Forum rubric. This is the place where you can publish your own article and share ideas with society without any censorship. Write whatever you want, but be careful that when they come for you, then dont take us too.
    Finally, in order not to leave you with the impression that this site is created for serious stuff only, we have added a Games place, where you can relax.
    If you are tired of staying at Methodius.org, we recommend some more sites, created by us: Second Box, Club Everybody Knows Your Name and Dobrev.com.

    If you want to contact us, write us at our new mail. This address is in SecondBox. This is our new mail, which stops spam without losing one single useful mail.
Write us: kiril@2-box.com (protected e-mail)
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