An option for solving the problems related to grave
(only for Bulgarian language)

     For solving the problems related to grave we suggest the following:

First, the existing of a key for this letter (that is already done in the new phonetics and in the improved version of BDS).

Second, we suggest all the Unicode fonts or at least most of them to be corrected and to include a little and a capital letter grave. A step in this direction is the last update of the types Times New Roman, Arial and Verdana. You will find this update here: European Union Expansion Font Update.

     We also suggest to be accepted writing of instead of grave when there are technical reasons for not writing it correct. Until now there was not used any rule and when in need people used to code it different ways. Some used , others , there were even people who used a letter from the Latin alphabet which they thought that has a graphic resemblance with grave.

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